White Rock Is Now 3rd Largest Crushed Stone Operation In America

White Rock Is Now 3rd Largest Crushed Stone Operation In America

(3rd Quarter 2002)

It has been quite a success story for White Rock Quarries. The Miami-Dade limestone quarry began operation in 1987 with an emphasis on high-volume production, strict quality control and unsurpassed customer service.

The formula has worked so well the quarry’s road to success has been steep, but not too rocky.

In just 15 years White Rock has grown to become the third largest single-site crushed stone operation in the United States, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quarry provides customers with a wide variety of DOT-certified crushed aggregates and screenings for use in cement, concrete, concrete products, road construction and asphalt pavement. The products are moved by truck and rail to valued customers throughout Florida.

Despite its large-scale operations, White Rock maintains the friendly feel of a smaller quarry, providing personalized attention for each customers’ needs and making sure every truck is loaded quickly and ticketed correctly.

Every aspect of the operation is run at peak efficiency. Even the blasting technology is the most advanced available, fragmenting the limestone for processing at the lowest possible vibration levels — well below established limits.

White Rock might be considered young by business standards, but one thing is certain. Its formula for success — high volume, top quality and great service — has proven rock solid.
wrq_wideplant_air_lgr_web.jpg (500x316 -- 16888 bytes)
Aerial view of White Rock Quarries, Miami, Florida, looking east. In the middle is the production plant where material is crushed and sent by conveyor belts to the various stock piles. In the background, limestone aggregate is dredged from the lake by White Rock’s massive dragline (see close-up photo below).

wrq_Marion7820dragline_web.jpg (350x266 -- 10551 bytes)
The 58-c.y. Marion 7820 dragline, operated by North American Coal Corporation, dwarfs the pickup truck and grader in the background. The dragline’s boom, which is nearly the length of a football field, can lift 65 tons.


White Rock’s Growth Has Increased Employees’ Opportunities
(3rd Quarter 2002)

As White Rock has grown, so have the opportunities for its employees. Most of its supervisors and foremen started at “ground-level” and worked their way up.

Just one example is Hector Barrios, Night Shift Production Foreman. Hector started as a laborer in 1993, moved on to plant operator, was promoted to leadman, then was made a foreman.

There are “success stories” such as this throughout White Rock, where loyalty and hard work are always appreciated. In fact, Hector’s father, Pedro Barrios was hired in 1986 as White Rock’s first Truck Driver. He liked the job so much he has never left.

“We treat everyone as we want to be treated,” says White Rock’s Vice President Raymond Maddy, who began as a quarry laborer in West Virginia before rising to foreman and joining White Rock in 1986.

White Rock’s Success A Testament To Its People
(3rd Quarter 2002)

A word from Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.
President, Chairman and CEO
The Vecellio Group

The construction industry is all about people. We need equipment to get the work done, but it’s the people doing the work who make all the difference.

White Rock Quarries’ success is a good example of this. White Rock’s rise to become one of the pre-eminent players in the crushed stone industry is a testament to the talented personnel at every level of the organization.

White Rock’s management team is especially worthy of note. One of the main reasons for the quarry’s success is Executive Vice President Jim Hurley.

When my father and I first developed plans for the quarry, we knew it would take a manager with a rock-solid knowledge of quarry operations to successfully enter this industry, especially in the highly competitive market of South Florida.

We knew Jim Hurley fairly well, as he worked for his father’s quarry business and frequently supplied base material for V&G’s highway projects. When Jim’s family sold the business in the mid 1980s, we were ready to make our move.

Jim accepted our challenge and came aboard, followed by Raymond Maddy, now Vice President. They were joined by many other highly talented professionals who worked tirelessly to build the quarry from the ground up.

Industry onlookers doubted White Rock’s chances, but the knowledge and dedication of its people made the difference, allowing us to overcome the odds.

I am proud of the entire White Rock team for building one of the most successful quarries in the nation. Your focus on excellence is an inspiration to us all.

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