White Rock Steps Up Production In Miami

  White Rock Quarries Adds New Processing PlantAerial view showing both the new plant (dark gray conveyors) and existing plant.

White Rock Steps Up Production In Miami
(4th Quarter 2004)

Florida is the second largest consumer of limestone aggregate in the nation. The state is also the second largest producer, but the heavy demand still outpaces available supply.

To help the construction industry meet the demand for quality aggregates, which are used in road base, asphalt pavement, concrete and cement, White Rock Quarries has significantly increased its production capacity.

With the completion of its second processing plant, White Rock is now the second largest single-source quarry in the state and country.

Built in less than six months, the new plant greatly increases White Rock’s production capacity, helping ease South Florida’s shortage of limestone products.

White Rock also added an inbound scale and two outbound scales to handle the increased truck traffic.

White Rock Quarries | New Limestone Plant
Above: White Rock Quarries’ new limestone processing plant, as seen from just beside the primary crusher. With computer-controlled conveyor systems moving the material through additional crushers and sorters, the plant significantly increases White Rock’s capacity as a low-cost aggregate producer.

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