Vecenergy Provides Global Marketplace With Well-Integrated Services & Products

Vecenergy Provides Global Marketplace With Well-Integrated Services & Products

(1st / 2nd Quarter 2007)

Already a leading transportation contractor and quarry operator in the United States, the Vecellio Group is rapidly expanding into the petroleum and alternative fuel industries internationally.

Vecenergy - New Energy Division Fuels Rapid GrowthVecenergy is the Vecellio Group’s new energy division, providing a host of advanced, well-integrated services and products to a growing international customer base in established and emerging markets around the world.

Starting with a liquid asphalt terminal at the Port of Palm Beach in 2004, the division has grown to include fuel offloading services at Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale; petroleum storage and distribution facilities at both ports; and fuel additization services at those and other major ports throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Vecenergy also has entered the biodiesel production industry through a partnership with BIDA, a leading European biodiesel technology firm. Vecenergy BIDA’s patented process enables continuous output from multiple feedstocks, including inedible plant oils and animal fats. This advanced technology is already in operation in southern Spain, with the first Vecenergy BIDA plants being designed and built in northern Spain and Costa Rica.

Each Vecenergy business unit is successful in its own right — combined they form a powerful engine of opportunity that drives Vecenergy’s aggressive, but carefully considered, growth strategy.

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