White Rock Quarries – Spring 2007 Doral Relay For Life – Slide Show

presentation slide asking "Why are limestone aggregates so important to the state of Florida? Lets take a look!"
a group from White Rock Quarries on stage for the Doral Relay For Life
elevated view of 8 dump trucks around a large pile of gravel at a gravel processing facility with equipment visible in background
an aerial view of White Rock Quarries processing facility
several dump trucks entering and leaving White Rock Quarries' Miami location
a 105-cubic-yard dragline moving limestone
workers in the control room of the massive dragline
a 105-cubic-yard dragline
High-capacity loaders bringing recovered limestone to a portable road rock crusher
an output conveyor belt from a portable rock crusher creating mounds of crushed gravel
a line of conveyors for processed limestone, large piles of stone, and dump trucks driving between the piles
a front loader putting gravel into a dump truck with conveyors and piles of gravel in the background
a front loader putting gravel into a rail car for transport
two men in a lab testing gravel
a dump truck empties its load into gravel processing equipment
rocks and gravel on an inclined conveyor belt next to a walkway
a front loader filling a dump truck with gravel near a large pile of gravel with processing equipment visible in background
a front loader depositing material in roadway recycling equipment with a conveyor belt in the background making a pile of processed material
a dump truck emptying its load of asphalt for a paving crew
a dump truck spreading gravel for a road with a bulldozer coming in the opposite lane to level the gravel
a grader leveling gravel
an inclined conveyor belt moving gravel at an asphalt plant
a paving crew spreads and sweeps asphalt from a dump truck and paver
a worker raking asphalt laid by a paver while a road roller compacts it
a crane lowering a segment of a bridge pier into place
two side-by-side concrete bridges under construction
a reinforced earth wall supporting an on/off ramp
3 workers guiding a segment of concrete drain pipe as an excavator lowers it
two long rows of concrete pipes stacked four high
workers installing a pre-cast concrete culvert
a forklift loading stacks of concrete blocks onto a flatbed truck
four workers making a building out of concrete blocks
a cement truck driver emptying his truck into a hopper
workers creating forms for concrete
a formed concrete building under construction
a walkway paved with different sizes and colors of bricks
a presentation slide with the text "White Rock is helping build a sustainable Florida with our vital limestone products!"

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