“Through The Lens” At White Rock


“Through The Lens” At White Rock
(4th Quarter 2008)

Above: At White Rock Quarries in Miami, Fla., Grader Operator Trevor Whyte creates a groove to run water back to a mined lake. The crushed aggregate produced at the plant is rinsed as it travels along the conveyors to maintain product integrity.

Above: Enrique Garay, left, and Nate Malone discuss production at the Miami plant.

Above: A high-capacity Cat 988H front-end loader makes quick work of filling a customer’s truck with FDOT-certified #57 stone.

Above: Hoe Operator Cydric Litts keeps the hopper of a portable crusher filled with limestone to produce #01 stone (base rock), which is used for road construction.

(Photos by Carl Thiemann)

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