Vecellio Group VP Safety John West Retires

Vecellio Group VP Safety John West Retires
(3rd Quarter 2011)

John West (Early 1970s with Vecellio & Grogan)

John West
(Early 1970s with
Vecellio & Grogan)

John West, the Vecellio Group’s Vice President of Safety, has retired after nearly 37 total years of service with Vecellio & Grogan, Ranger Construction, and Vecellio Management Services (Vecellio Group).

John began his career as an Estimator with V&G, transitioned into project management and eventually became part of Ranger Construction’s project management team in Florida. After more than two decades in road construction, he stepped into the position of Ranger’s Safety Director in 1995.

In 2002, John was promoted to VP of Safety for the entire Group, a position he held until his retirement.

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Group Welcomes Mark Ligon, VP Safety
(3rd Quarter 2011)

Mark Ligon, VP Safety, Vecellio Group

Mark Ligon

Mark Ligon has joined the Vecellio Group as VP of Safety, replacing John West, who has retired.

Mark brings to the position a strong background in safety, environmental, OSHA and DOT compliance, along with risk management experience, within the construction and manufacturing industries.

He is native Floridian with a degree from the University of Central Florida.

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