Vecellio & Grogan’s 75th Anniversary Featured In 1st/2nd Quarter 2013 VanGuard

Vecellio & Grogan’s 75th Anniversary Featured In 1st/2nd Quarter 2013 VanGuard
(1st/2nd Quarter 2013)

VanGuard 1st/2nd Quarter 2013 -- Vecellio Group, Inc.The 75th anniversary of Vecellio & Grogan, the Group’s flagship company now in its fourth generation of family-owned and operated management, is celebrated in the latest company newsmagazine. The 1st/2nd Quarter 2013 issue of VanGuard, the Group’s award-winning publication, features stories and photos commemorating the company’s road to success — from its 1938 start to the many major achievements and milestones across the decades. It is available online in addition to its print distribution.

>>Launch the VanGuard 1st/2nd Quarter 2013 online edition.

Contents Include:

  • First Generation: A Firm Foundation

  • Second Generation: A Family Business

  • Third Generation: Growth Into New Markets & Industries

  • Fourth Generation: Furthering The Family Legacy

  • Leo Vecellio, Jr., Receives ‘ARTBA Award,’ Industry Association’s Highest Honor

  • Michael Vecellio Leads Vecellio & Grogan As New President

  • Supervisor Safety Awards Honor Team Leaders

  • Vecenergy and Ranger Among Vecellio Operations Receiving Safety Council Awards

  • From Site Development to Interstate and Airport Work, Ranger Crews Keep Busy

  • Ranger’s I-4 Overlay Project Earns Award for Excellence

  • US-220, Hartley Drive and Lindsay Street Are Looking ‘Sharpe’

  • HR News: New Hires, Promotions and Notable Retirees

  • Smile! You’re On Vecellio Group Camera (Retirement parties)

  • For Energy Site Development, Vecellio & Grogan Proves Quality & Experience Provide Best Value

  • Vecellio Group’s Contact Information

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