State Legislators Mine Knowledge of Industry

State Legislators Mine Knowledge of Industry

(March 2001)
To help legislators understand the mining industry and its important role in Florida’s economy, White Rock and a coalition of industry representatives held a “Mining Day” in the state capitol in Tallahassee.

wrqdisplayhats.jpg (171x265 -- 16993 bytes) WRQ Superintendent Steve Hale gives a legislative staff member a bag to hold informational and promotional items (such as the toy “hard hats” for their kids or grandkids) given away at the event.

wrqdisplaycrowd.jpg (300x203 -- 9236 bytes)Crowds gathered throughout the day to learn more about White Rock and the industry.

  wrqdisplayballs.jpg (300x225 -- 10436 bytes)Among the more popular promotional items given away during the day were Titleist golf balls and bags of golf tees bearing White Rock’s name and company logo.

wrqdisplay_jh.jpg (183x189 -- 10772 bytes)WRQ Executive Vice President Jim Hurley (right) explains White Rock’s operations.


Facts About The Florida and Miami-Dade Limestone Industry

• The highest quality limestone aggregate in Florida comes from western Miami-Dade, home of White Rock Quarries and other mining operations.

• This area is one of only a few locations in the state able to produce high quality limestone aggregate products that meet state and national specifications for cement, concrete, concrete products, and asphalt, which are needed to build the state’s roads, schools, homes, hospitals, and offices.

• Florida is the third highest consumer and producer of aggregate products in the nation, consuming 92 million tons of aggregate per year. Of that, 60 million tons comes from western Miami-Dade.

• The limestone quarries in northwest Miami-Dade contribute significantly to the region’s long-range environmental protection plans, acting both as a vital water storage area, and as a buffer between urban areas to the east and the Florida Everglades to the west.

• Miami-Dade’s limestone industry provides more than 14,000 jobs, has a $500 million payroll, and pays almost $20 million in local sales and property taxes each year.

• Miami-Dade’s mining firms and distribution networks have invested more than $10 billion into this vital industry.

• The mines use the most advanced blasting technology available to fragment the limestone for processing, with vibration levels well under the established limits. 

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