White Rock Supplying Airport With Runway Base Rock

White Rock Supplying Airport With Runway Base Rock
(4th Quarter 2001)

It takes a lot of limerock base material to build a 12,000-foot airport runway. But for White Rock Quarries, it’s all in a day’s — or in this case, night’s — work.

Make that many nights’ work. WRQ has established a night-shift sales team to supply material for a new, full-length runway at Miami International Airport. It is the largest base-rock supply contract in White Rock’s history.

The general contractor is Gilbert Southern Corp., a subsidiary of top-ten ranked contractor Peter Kiewit Sons’ Inc. Gilbert chose White Rock for its ability to consistently provide the high volume of DOT-certified base material needed on the project.

White Rock Keeps Weigh-Out Times Short
(4th Quarter 2001)

wrq_scalehouse_air.jpg (400x201 -- 9506 bytes)
White Rock’s four outbound scales feature remote ticket printers to
shorten the weigh-out process and get drivers back on the road faster.

White Rock Installs New Hydrocyclone Unit
(4th Quarter 2001)

wrq_hydrocyclone.jpg (350x240 -- 16503 bytes)
Among the improvements at White Rock in 2001 is this new hydrocyclone unit, which produces superfine material from the run-off of the larger materials.

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