Mining Day Held For Florida Legislators

Mining Day Held For Florida Legislators
(1st/2nd Quarter 2003)

WRQ’s Exec.V.P. Jim Hurley points out a photo to Continental Florida Materials V.P. / G.M. Bob Cardonne, while WRQ’s Superintendent Steve Hale, right, speaks with another booth visitor.   U.S. Rep. Bob Allen, District 32, receives a WRQ hat from White Rock’s Steve Hale, left, after stopping by the booth to chat during Mining Day.

A videographer for Tallahassee’s government TV channel films White Rock’s multimedia presentation.

The event featured a luncheon for participants and legislators.

What special day was held in April honoring our natural resources? If you said Earth Day, you’re only partly right.

At the State Capitol in Tallahassee, April 22 was also Mining Day, highlighting the environmentally sound nature of Florida’s mining industry and emphasizing that sustainable development is a goal shared by everyone.

Industry participants, including White Rock Quarries, showcased the variety of products we use everyday, from soft drinks to construction materials, that rely on Florida’s mines.

Mining provides important benefits and is also temporary in nature. Once materials are mined, the land can be fully reclaimed, often in a more environmentally enriched state than its original condition.

Exhibit Showcases Mining’s Vital Role In Our Way Of Life
(1st/2nd Quarter 2003)

It wasn’t hard to unearth the message at this year’s Mining Day: Mined products are essential to building a sustainable Florida. The construction industry, for example, relies heavily on limestone, much of which is mined in the Miami-Dade region. From the buildings we live and work in, to the roads we drive on, limestone is everywhere you turn.

White Rock Quarries helps meet Florida’s need for limestone products. White Rock is one of the top three crushed-stone quarries in the United States, producing a variety of aggregates and screenings used for road base materials, asphalt pavement, ready mix concrete (concrete products, bridges), paver tiles, concrete blocks, and other construction products.

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