White Rock’s Lab Earns Highest Marks

White Rock’s Lab Earns Highest Marks

(4th Quarter 2002)

Congratulations to White Rock Quarries’ laboratory supervisors and personnel for maintaining excellent quality control in every phase of its operations and documentation. For the second straight year, the lab had “zero deficiencies observed,” the highest possible result in the annual review process that is part of the FDOT’s QC2000 program.

Way to go, White Rock Quarries — especially Quality Control Supervisor Ronnie VanLandingham, Lab Supervisor Tony Reyes, and Lab Technicians Willy Gonzales and Annibal Balladares!

Safety Training For Operators Includes “Spare Air” Tanks
(4th Quarter 2002)

WRQ_pooltrain_ops_web.jpg (335x249 -- 10731 bytes)
White Rock Equipment Operators undergo training on the use of “Spare Air” tanks, which are installed in Dozer cabs as a precaution when working near the lakes. Operators are also required to wear self-inflating life vests when working near the lakes. White Rock is the first quarry in Florida to establish this type of Equipment Operator safety training.

On-The-Job Photos at White Rock Quarries
4th Quarter 2002)

WRQ_PortRdRkCrushOp69b_web.jpg (200x254 -- 6864 bytes)
Michael Muscadin operates White Rock’s portable road rock crusher.

WRQ_WaterTrk_3guys47_web.jpg (322x295 -- 10704 bytes)
Charles Payne Sr., Sergio DeLeon and Charles Payne Jr. inspect a rebuilt 19,000-gallon water truck.

WRQ_grader99_web.jpg (307x230 -- 6080 bytes)
Tony McKenzie operates a Cat 16G Grader to keep haul roads smooth throughout the quarry.

WRQ_PortCrshMechanic86_web.jpg (285x245 -- 8288 bytes)
Welder/Mechanic Alberto Valverde gets tools from his truck as he works near White Rock’s portable crusher, processing road rock in the background.

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